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Karaoke + DJ can work at so many types of events.

TONS of photos in my photo albums of the FUN I create at events!


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Karaoke Show Video Clip on YouTube

DJ + Karaoke Show video clip #2 on YouTube


1. 25 years experience.  Over 2500 shows  (over 100 silent auction/dance events)
2. Singer/Entertainer (I sing songs from 50's to current live to tracks adding a lot more than most DJs for samples)
3. Great personality!   Really fun with the crowd.
4. I play a LOT of requests.   I get more singers in per show than most karaoke hosts
5. I know how to adjust lighting and sound for the room and get the party started immediately after an auction ends (this is so critical)
6. Over 60,000 DJ songs from oldies to new
7. Over 60,000 Karaoke songs (one of the largest collections in the metro)
8. Excellent Sound and lighting (the same system I use for the bands that I play in)
9. Video and fun clips between singers,  Cool DJ short clips with just the sing-a-long parts between singers makes the show a whole lot more fun.   Music Videos from the past!
10. Lots of references.
13. I survey customers to make sure I'm doing a great job see
14. If you run a bar, I have INCREASED sales over the prior entertainer EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Yes, I know you can find Karaoke Hosts cheaper but not as much fun as me!

Click Here for my DJ show video clip  (wedding but you get the idea of personality)

Songlist of DJ songs    (over 40,000 songs from 1940 to current)
Oldies only     2000-2008 all types of music    2000-2008 pop/dance songs     Latest Songs found here

Live Vocals -
AUDIO DEMO (11 minutes about 50 songs all styles)

Songlist - of songs that I sing live to recorded tracks:  by type of music   by artist    by title  
(female singer available to add to the show also)

Entire 239 pages of karaoke songs as of FEB 15 2010
OVER 40,000 songs!
Click here for the large list of backing tracks  PDF format




















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