Brian Harrell - Entertainer / Event Planner / Entertainment Agent   651-454-1124 ext 311

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Excellent Bar DJ Entertainer as I play a lot of requests, keep people dancing and making the bar more money than your average DJ Entertainer. 

I know customer service and a DJ has to be able to play customer requests in the order that keeps people dancing, drinking, eating and spending money at the bar.  I get this.  Most lesser-experienced DJs do not do a show anything like I do.   I have many time-tested techniques that they do not even use to enhance customer service! (these are trade secrets).

I have consistently been rated "Best DJ we have had here" from many local bars/clubs across the Midwest (as I fill in for regular DJs from time to time in different places)

TONS of photos in my photo albums of the FUN I create at events!

I have over 15 years in the bar/clubs as a DJ.

You will make MORE money with me DJing at your club/bar.

The difference between an average DJ and a more professional DJ is the DJs ability to play requests in exactly the right order to keep people dancing, interacting in just the appropriate way over the microphone and with the crowd, along with having a huge music collection to accommodate almost any request. 

You will pay 2 to 3 times the average DJ price for this type of experienced DJ, but you will have an event that will be talked about as "the best wedding dance ever" or "the most fun we have had in a long time"

Video Demo available upon request.  Call me

add karaoke if you like too!
Entire 239 pages of karaoke songs as of FEB 15 2010
OVER 40,000 songs!
Click here for the large list of backing tracks  PDF format



















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