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DJ for over 200 schools in the past featuring "CLEAN" music with bad words removed and I also do not play music that is hateful at school shows.

Schools usually complain that their current DJ does not play enough requests.

90% of my school shows are ONLY REQUESTS!  

I may be an older DJ (over 35) BUT I continue to get "BEST DJ we have ever had" time and time again over the 21-year old DJs playing what they want and not what the students want.

TONS of photos in my photo albums of the FUN I create at events!

And I'm a fun DJ too!  Good personality and know how entertain at high school dances.

Songlist of DJ songs    (over 40,000 songs from 1940 to current)
Oldies only     2000-2008 all types of music    2000-2008 pop/dance songs    
Latest Songs found here

add karaoke if you like too!
Entire 239 pages of karaoke songs as of FEB 15 2010
OVER 40,000 songs!
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